Functionality description

  • Creating connection to central database by means of ODBC
  • Loading data from database
    • User specifies what to download in Info_file (stations, elements, periods, etc.)
    • Select – SQL command is created automatically according to a structure of the Info_file (from active rows). The Info_file can be easily created by means of available buttons (this is needed only on the very beginning – to adapt it to given user conditions)
    • it is also possible to input Select – SQL commands directly (or in a TXT file)
  • Creating Cross-Tables from downloaded data (e.g. redistributing monthly data into individual columns), or, on the contrary, creating One data column from a given cross table.
  • Output to TXT files and other formats, various options e.g. delimiters, …
  • Functions for Inserting, Updating, Deleting data in database