Database software for processing whole climatological datasets

General characteristics

  • Database software for processing climatological datasets
  • Automation of the processing (processing whole database or specified stations all at once)
  • Full control over the processing: many parameters for computing can be set, various auxiliary outputs are created
  • Open structure – you can define your own menus and your own scripts
  • Flexible for modifying and adding new functions (FoxPro, R, ArcView)
  • Continuous development since 2003 up to now

Brief technical description

  • Two modes of processing: monthly or daily data, some functions work for x-minute data
  • The files can be displayed using build-in Viewer of edited in MS-Excel
  • Possibility to run own commands to manage the database tables, you can even launch scripts (sequence of commands)
  • Software menu can be completely rebuilt, you can add new functions pointing to your own scripts
  • Batch mode for processing sequence of commands

Software download