Frequently asked questions

Q1: What type of data can be processed with the software package?

  • LoadData can download anything, AnClim can handle both monthly and daily data. ProClimDB.exe processes monthly data, ProClimDB_day.exe daily data. Hourly or other type of data could be implemented easily.

Q2: How to get data into the software?

  • Several possibilities for ProClimDB:
    • use LoadData software to load data from central database and Cross Table and Output tab to adjust downloaded data
    • use GetStations_xls.xls file with macros to load and prepare your data stored in XLS, TXT, … files
    • in ProClimDB, use menu Tools – Import from TXT files. In this case, imported columns from TXT files have to have fixed positions.
  • Tip for AnClim:
    • run LoadData software directly from AnClim (menu File – Download from Oracle). Data downloaded from central database will be automatically adjusted and open in AnClim.

Q3: How to work (get around) with ProClimDB software?

  • The very first step is to create Data_info file from input Data file. Data file will be adjusted not to contain missing data etc. For this, use menu Get info – Get stations info.
  • The second step is usually importing geography (coordinates) into Data_info file. Use menu Get info – Import geography.
  • Then select any function, load Data and Data_info files. To create output files, right click upon a file and use “Load Template” option and then “Save as …(Copy)” option to create your own output file(s).

Q4: How to retrieve information from ProClimDB software output files?

  • Right click upon a file and use “View / Edit table” option. Then you can use e.g. Command button to adjust the file.
  • You can open a file in MS-Excel – right click upon a file and use “Open in Excel” option. Then (in Excel) you can use filters, colors etc. Read troubleshootings in Documentation to know possible problems when working with DBF files in Excel.

Q5: Is it possible to process several climatological elements in ProClimDB and not to loose files settings (loadings)?

  • Yes, you can use files profiles. See documentation for more details.

Q6: What about automatization in AnClim and ProClimDB software?

  • In AnClim: use menu Tools – (Multi)Open Files to open TXT files (stations). Then use menu Tools – Automatization: Gather from all files and select desired function (test of homogeneity, …). You will get results for all the open files after pressing Run button.
  • In ProClimDB (processing several elements datasets or several functions at a time): Set Settings\batchfile.dbf file with tasks to perform, then, in Settings, check Run Batch file option and launch the software. For suppressing (error) messages during processing, check No stop option.

Q7: How to combine AnClim and ProClimDB software during data processing:

  • Getting data from ProClim to AnClim software (e.g. original data and reference series data): use menu Tools – Export to TXT files, check Suitable for AnClim option.
  • Getting data from AnClim (TXT file for each station) to ProClim software: see the Q2 question how to get data into ProClimDB software.
  • How to get results of homogeneity testing from AnClim into ProCLimDB (creating test_results.dbf file): load content of SaveResults.txt file (output of Automatization in AnClim) into template test_results.xls file, select proper sheet according to used homogeneity test, save the sheet as DbfIV file and load it in ProClimDB.

Q8: In which language is the software programmed and can it be run under Linux?

  • AnClim is created under Delphi 7, ProClimDB and LoadData under Visual FoxPro 7.
  • There are only versions for Windows so far, but AnClim can be easily ported to Linux (using Kylix which I have). It is not done yet mainly for these reasons: 1.) software would be huger (4times) because of using special libraries and 2.) I have little experiences with Linux. As for ProClimDB and LoadData: I do not own needed software.

Q9: Is it possible to run the software under Linux?

  • AnClim runs quite happily on a Linux machine by opening the program through Wine (
  • ProClimDB is not possible to run under Linux unfortunately

Q10: Is it possible to run the software under Windows Vista or Windows 7 or 64bit machine?

  • no problem for any the sofware, but AnClim: needs a special comment:
  • instead of installing AnClim: through Setup.exe , you should download and just unzip the zip file, the path is mentioned in the e-mail sent to you after your registration