Tool for time series analysis and homogenization tutorial

General characteristics

  • A comprehensive tool for processing monthly time series (from transformations through quality control and homogenization to time series analysis)
  • Works under Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP
  • User friendly: a lot of graphical components, graphs clarifying the results, etc.
  • Especially useful for tutorial purposes, students can play with and compare individual methods
  • Main development between 1995 and 2003

Brief technical description

  • Input format: TXT files, monthly or daily data
  • Working with one station at a time, but automated processing of many stations is enabled as well
  • Working with series: plotting graphs, finding outliers, calculating statistical characteristics, various tests (the most commonly used during time series analysis)
  • Working with two series: merging two series (using differences, ratios/log ratios)
  • Menu is ordered in a sequence (steps) to be taken during data processing: viewing data, adjusting data (transformations), normal distribution testing, finding outliers/extremes, homogeneity testing (both absolute and relative homogeneity tests), times series analysis: trends, cyclicity, filtering output data
  • Managing the software: by means of “Series Controller” (form in the right bottom corner: info about period, length of series, number of missing values, option for switching between monthly data or seasonal and annual averages/sums/extremes)
  • Settings the software: in menu Options / Settings, documentation can be found under menu Help / Documentation

Software download