Full Version of the ProClimDB Software

Please read EULA

Features available in the FREEWARE version

  • for activation of the software (after you launch the software for the first time) write a reason to prepared e-mail. Then you will be able to run, for monthly data, all the functions needed for quality control, homogenization and time series analysis.

Differences between Full Version and Freeware

  • further functions available beyond QC and homogenization, like extreme value analysis, model outputs validation and correction, technical series creation, …
  • solutions for downloading data from your data server directly to ProClimDB
  • help with preparing data for using in the software
  • access to the newest functions (beta version)
  • general technical support
Hot to get a full version of the ProClimDB software (some examples):
  • cooperation with us or our institute(s) ( CHMI , GCRC )
  • helping with adding new functionality into the software (e.g. through R scripts)
  • obtaining the technical support of the software
  • if you have any other idea please fill the form below …

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