Functionality description

Series overview:

  • basic statistical characteristics, tests of randomness, outliers detection etc.
  • normal distribution testing, histograms
  • graphs of the series

Regression models:

  • linear, polynomial regression
  • multivariate linear regression

Adjusting data:

  • replacing outliers, filling missing values, etc.
  • various transformations, converting series into anomalies from a mean, etc.
  • calculating differences/ratios of two series
  • switching between monthly or seasonal and annual averages

Homogeneity testing:

  • absolute homogeneity tests
  • relative homogeneity tests ( Alexandersson‘s SNHT – various modifications, Bivariate test of Maronna and Yohai, Easterling‘s and Peterson‘s test, Vincent‘s MLR, and others ), creating reference series
  • adjustment of inhomogeneities

Time series analysis:

  • one series analysis (autocorrelations, power spectrum – MESA, dynamic MESA, etc.)
  • two series analysis (coherency analysis, etc.)
  • filtering the series (low-pass, band-pass, high-pass filters)

Database tools:

  • data can be downloaded from central database straight to AnClim by means of LoadData software (“Download Wizard”). You just specify what to download, the rest is done by the software – converting data to a format suitable for AnClim, etc.
  • Automation:
    • functions for automatized processing of selected functions (tests) for up to 1000 files (stations)