Application for loading data from central database

General characteristics

  • Downloads data from any database that accepts SQL commands
  • Easy and flexible usage

Brief technical description

  • Connection to the database is carried out by means of ODBC
  • Select, Update, Insert, Delete SQL commands generator
  • “Quick buttons” for the most often used database tables
  • Various profiles for individual database tables
  • Data are downloaded into DBF files (no limits for number of rows, …)
  • The files can be displayed using build-in Viewer of edited in MS-Excel
  • Data downloaded by means of LoadData can be directly used in the ProClimDB software
  • It is possible to run this application directly from the AnClim software, there you can launch “Download Wizard” which will accomplish all the needed steps (cross tables, TXT export) automatically, you just specify, what to download
  • Batch mode for processing sequence of commands

Software download